What You Can Expect

Getting the Bill Passed

Compassion & Choices needed to win support for the NJ Aid in Dying bill. An aggressive PR campaign that focused on personal stories changed the narrative around the debate and the bill earned a historic victory in the NJ Assembly.

Equine Therapy For Veterans

Addressing the suicide crisis among our nation's veterans, a new branding and PR campaign helped The Man O' War Project at Columbia University land $200,000 in grants for its clinical trials using equine therapy to treat veterans with PTSD. 

An NYC Base for DC Action

The Republican Jewish Coalition, one of the nation's leading issue advocacy groups, needed a NY-area office to support its national efforts. Today, the RJC has a full-time NY presence that acts as a vital source for fundraising and grassroots action.

Winning Support for Housing

A new housing development that faced a small, but vocal opposition, needed support. By identifying and activating community supporters, the project gained local approvals and construction is now underway.

Fighting the Opioid Crisis

In response to the opioid crisis, a national treatment center network was rapidly expanding. Focusing on local and hyper-local media, the network generated significant media coverage, which led to increased leads and calls to the centers.